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Broadcast Platform on Internet

Broadcast your media without polluting ads but still free and easy directly from your own PC or server.

Fairshare Media World brings the sharing economy to the Internet to make video and TV broadcast and any large scale media distribution entirely free.
For Producers and Content Owners
If your answer is YES on any of the questions below, you should join the independent Fairshare Media World community and GO LIVE:

  • Tired of your content or beautiful or exciting events drowning in the mass of mediocre broadcasts on current free platforms?
  • Tired of getting your productions polluted with ads not relevant to you?
  • Do you think current professional platforms with their high monthly fees are too expensive, especially when you have a success with many viewers?
  • Do you want to take your broadcasts to the next level of quality and professionalism without getting ruined on "viewing hours" and expensive equipment?
  • Do you want to be creative without financial restrictions?
  • Do you want to monetize your productions?
  • Do you want to keep all the rights of your content and don't give away your ownership?
  • Do you want to stream edited recordings of your Live Broadcasts for long tail viewing under your full control? (Coming soon)


For Viewers and Listeners
If your answer is YES on any of the questions below, you should download the Viewing App and join the independent Fairshare Media World community too:

  • Are you tired of all ads that cover or pre roll the videos you want to view?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with giving away your personal data and viewing habits to commercial giants?
  • Would you prefer to "pay" for "free" content with your unused background processing and Internet resources instead of your limited and valuable time and personal data?


Current Status
The Platform is under development but the current prototype already works for VoD from the platform portal itself. To make it a ubiquitous marketplace for any type of media we are now developing features for TV and VoD broadcast directly from the content owner's PC, no Viewing App requirement and adaptation to mobile platforms, and an upgrade of the Payment System and the Fairshare Media World site. You can read more about the Platform and about us if you click on "Read more" below or follow the links at the top of this page. Do you want to support us already now, just join or contact us using the contact form.

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Example of event to broadcast live and film with smartphone

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